History of Niu Rou Mian

牛肉麵 (niu rou mian), also known as the beef noodle, is a popular Chinese and Taiwanese dish made of braised beef, beef broth, vegetables, and noodles. It was first created by the Hui people in the Tang Dynasty (A.D 618-907). Due to its popularity, it was widely spread throughout different countries in Asia. There are various forms of beef noodles because of the specialized local ingredients found in different regions.


Taiwanese beef noodle, which uses a red-braised beef noodle soup, was invented in a military dependents’ village in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. The veterans had fled from China during the Chinese civil war and, yearning for the flavor of their hometown started to make Sichuan beef noodle which evolved into Taiwanese beef noodle.

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